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Thumbs Up

Our first week back in the shop is over and both Reace and Michael are about to put their feet up. Or at least Michael will when he finishes moving the steers to the other paddock lol!

Thanks to everyone for popping in. Each day this week felt like a catch up.

We thought the safety measures we had to put in place to keep everyone COVID-19 safe might have made each day feel a bit strange, but that wasn’t the case at all.

The world still feels unsettled but there was something good about getting back to the shop routine, not to mention having a choice of so many different cuts, meat and new products for dinner each night!

Somehow, putting our own twists on the safety messages (likely to be a part of all our lives for a long time) even felt good. But you know what they say about small things amusing... you get my drift, so we won't go there lol!

Meanwhile, we are having steak for tea tonight. It’s been a while and we all intend to savour every bite. What are you having?

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