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Locally grown lamb and beef delivered to your door.

Long View Farm & Meats is a family business, owned and operated in Clunes, Victoria.  During the first stage 3 restrictions we were forced to temporarily close our shop front to create a safety 'bubble' for at risk family members - but this time round is different.  We all know more about COVID-19 and have safety measures in place across the community, and in our shop, so we can keep people safe.


That means, that during this next round of stage 3 restrictions we'll be doing two things.  Operating our shop on reduced hours (likely just an hour or two less a day) , and providing delivery.  This will start on Tuesday, 11th August 2020 so we have time to upload a wider product range to our online shop and determine what would be the best change to our hours so we can fit in delivery.



You are used to seeing us in the shop.  But when we aren’t cutting meat, sharing a laugh or giving your dog a treat – we are at the farm.  Five years ago our family realised a dream.  We bought a farm.  Being a qualified butcher, I’d always wanted to grow our own meat.  Our intention was to open an old-fashioned style butcher shop and where better to do that, than in Clunes, Victoria? 


It’s taken a lot of work and a few grey hairs, but Long View Farm & Meats has now been operating since 2017, employing local people and being a part of our town’s local economy.  COVID-19 threw us a curve and meant we had to operate a bit differently.  But who knew?  It turns out that the changes have made us more adaptable and during this second round of restrictions, we've been able to offer both the shop service, and delivery. 



You’ve tasted our Long View lamb or beef before.  So you know it’s good.  There is a reason for that.  It’s locally grown, travelling only a few miles from our paddock to your plate.  Then we hang it for as long as we can, before cutting it.


Quality is important to us at Long View.  While the world was topsy-turvy, just using our locally grown meat meant we could guarantee the quality.  Now that our shop is open again, our range has expanded to include additional products.  But our home grown range will still be on offer through our online and delivery store.  To ensure you get the best meat possible there will likely be a three-week turnaround time between order and delivery.

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