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Getting Ready to Open Shop...

So as we get ready to open our doors this coming Tuesday, you'd think exploring what might be different and what might be the same would take some time. Not really.

What we'll do differently is the same as you are experiencing elsewhere, so it's not something you'll need to poke your tongue out about. Unless of course, you are our breeding cows and you realise this means Michael won't be hanging out with you so much during the day.

What will be the same?

  • Hours of opening: Tuesday to Friday, 9am til 5pm; Saturday 9am til 1pm

  • Product range: we'll have the same range (and even a few extras)

  • We will still be offering online ordering through our website. As you know, this only includes delivery of the bulk paddock to plate range listed on the site

What will be different?

  • We'll only be able to fit 2 customers in the shop at a time

  • You might have to sit out the front until there is space in the shop (great excuse to bring your dog)

  • We'll ask you to use hand sanitiser as you come through the door

  • EFTPOS and cash available. Ideally EFTPOS if you can

These last two months have been a roller coaster and without your support we would not have been in the position to open our doors now that restrictions are easing and school is transitioning back. Our community is fortunate that through everyone's actions, people - including the vulnerable members of our family - have remained safe.

So thank you. #Clunestogether

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