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Freezer Space Hacks!

Wondering how you can fit a side of lamb in your freezer? We've found a few freezer space hacks that will stop you wondering.

How much space do you need?

You'd be surprised. A side of lamb sounds like a lot, but once it is cut and packaged, it fits neatly into a large shopping bag. For people with a fridge/freezer combo, your side of lamb will take up just one shelf. For those with a chest freezer or single freezer, you'll have more that enough space.

But what if, like many of us, you're using your fridge like never before! Here are a few hacks you might find handy...

Simple Hacks

In the summer our freezer is full because we like ice-cream. But the rest of the year we live a bit day to day, and haven't made the most of our freezer. Now however, the way we are living is very different and freezer space is at a premium. So here are 2 simple hacks we've discovered are really handy:

1. Ditch the packaging. Remove boxes and keep everything in bags that can be laid down flat.

If you need the cooking instructions from the boxes just sticky tape them to the bag.

2. Remove a shelf. If you have a small freezer that doesn't allow big items. Remove the shelf.

It'll not only let you stack food the way you want, but you could also explore using different

containers to group food together. The most novel (pun intended) container we've seen is

a magazine holder!

When we package our meat for you we will do it in portion sizes and packaging designed to make it easy to fit in your freezer. As we discover other easy hacks, we'll keep you posted!

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