Side of Lamb

All our lamb has been home grown on Long View Farm.  In addition to your selections a full lamb pack will always include:


  •  1 side of lamb ribs
  •  1 lamb shank - perfect for soups and slow cooking


*If you want a leg or shoulder (or even all of them) boned and rolled let us know by selecting this from our product range.  It takes a bit of work for us to do, so is an extra $5.  The result however is yummy!


Not sure you can fit a whole side of lamb in your freezer?  Go halves with a friend.  Just let me know how you want the cuts packaged and that you are sharing, and we'll deliver to each household.

Side of Lamb

You'll get 1 leg. Select one option below:
You'll get 1 shoulder. Select one options below:
You'll get 1 loin. Select one options below:
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