Full Lamb

All our lamb has been home grown on Long View Farm. In addition to your selections a full lamb pack will always include:


  •  2 sides of lamb ribs
  •  2 lamb shanks - perfect for soups and slow cooking


*If you want a leg or shoulder (or even all of them) boned and rolled let us know by selecting this from our product range.  It takes a bit of work for us to do, so is an extra $5.  The result however is yummy!


Not sure you could eat an entire lamb or fit it into your freezer?  Go halves with family and friends.  Just let us know and we'll package the meat accordingly and then deliver to each of the addresses for you.

Full Lamb

You'll get 2 legs. Select one option below:
You'll get 2 shoulders. Select one option below:
You'll get 2 loins. Select an option for 1 loin:
For your second loin, select one option:
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